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The Community Learning in Kirklees website is the website of Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership. 

The site is primarily for the use by Education and Information, Advice and Guidance Advisers and people who live, work or study in the Kirklees local authority area in the county of West Yorkshire. Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership cannot guarantee to help people outside Kirklees though some of the courses listed may welcome applications from people within daily travel. 

The site is managed by C & K Careers Ltd on behalf of Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership.

Your use of the Community Learning in Kirklees website is taken as your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information displayed on this website, Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership and C&K Careers cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, damage, or inconvenience which may occur from use of this information and website. Information has been supplied by providers who are responsible for it being accurate and up to date.

Links to and from other sites
Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership provides links from this site to other websites that are thought to be useful to our users. Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning and C&K Careers are not responsible for the content or views expressed in these websites.

Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership welcomes links to the home page from the sites of Kirklees-based partner organisations offering information, advice, guidance and support free of charge to the people of Kirklees. Non-partner organisations outside of Kirklees, organisations within Kirklees charging individuals for their services or promoting any commercial activities or organisations wishing to link in any other way than those outlined, should seek permission in the first instance from C&K Careers’ Infoline T: 01484 225500 and ask for 'Infoline'

By using our website, you agree that we can place performance cookies such as Google Analytics on your device.  Performance cookies help us to measure usage.

Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning and C&K Careers accept no liability for the content of any site linked to or from this site.

We will try to ensure that the Community Learning in Kirklees site is available at all times, but cannot guarantee there will be uninterrupted access to this website or to any linked sites.

Individual users of Community Learning in Kirklees
Components of this site, including downloadable materials such as PDFs are for personal use by people living, studying or working in the Kirklees area only and should not be copied or reproduced in any way for any other purpose.

Use of the Community Learning in Kirklees site by organisations other than members of Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership and their staff
Non-profit making, voluntary and community groups in the Kirklees area and similar organisations whose clients live, work or wish to study in the Kirklees area may use the site and associated materials with individual and/or groups of clients.

Use by such organisations is subject to use of the material(s) in full (no alterations, other than those intended as part of the materials function, are permitted). The source of the material(s) must also be acknowledged. Organisations must not print off, copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, republish, display, post or transmit materials for any other purpose without our permission in writing. Materials supplied by a third party are also subject to copyright and permission for use must be sort from the publisher.

Permission other than the above or for use by any other person(s)/organisations living and working or operating outside the Kirklees area or for any other purpose, including copying, reproduction, modifying, distributing, republishing, displaying, posting or transmitting to other organisations or individuals, must be obtained in writing by contacting in the first instance from C&K Careers’ Infoline T: 01484 225500 and ask for 'Infoline' E: 

If you are unsure whether or not you, or your organisation, meet these criteria, please contact C&K Careers in the first instance.

Materials made available on this site are owned by Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership, its partners or C & K Careers Ltd and as such, are wholly protected by English Copyright and Database Right law.

The material on this site is for personal, non-commercial use only and may only be reproduced as prescribed under UK copyright legislation.

The laws that apply to any dispute arising from the use of material on Community Learning in Kirklees, are the laws of England. Users of this site submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Privacy Policy
C&K Careers, on behalf of Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership, may collect personal information from you when you contact us via this site. Your name, address, phone number or email, when supplied, may be used to reply to your enquiry. However, we do not share personal information obtained via Community Learning in Kirklees with any other organisation outside the Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership.

Enquiries normally receive a written response within two days unless there is a delay in receiving a reply from a third party, in which case an explanation of why a delay will be likely will be provided.

We are sorry but we reserve the right not to reply to anyone from outside the Kirklees work, study or living area who contacts us.

C&K Careers, on behalf of Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership, operates in accordance with the Data Protection Act, details of which are available from the Information Commissioner’s Office Under the Act you are entitled to obtain a copy of any personal data we hold on you. 

C&K Careers, on behalf of Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership, regularly updates information on Community Learning in Kirklees. We try to ensure that this information is accurate and up to date. C&K Careers and Kirklees Neighbourhood Learning Partnership do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to any individual or organisation as a result of using this site, as permitted under the laws governing the United Kingdom.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. These terms and conditions are the most up-to-date and replace any terms or conditions previously published.


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