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Navigating the Community Learning in Kirklees (CLiK) website

The site is divided into 10 main sections:

  • Learning Search - searches courses at level 2 and below available in the Kirklees area
  • Why Learn? - information on the benefits of learning
  • Support for Learning - financial and other help available for learners
  • Learning Providers - details of local providers of learning at level 2 and below
  • Where you can Learn - general information on where you can learn
  • Help Finding a Job - information on local work and training opportunities and the help available
  • Help & Advice - other sources of help and support
  • Useful Links - links to useful websites around, advice, learning and work
  • What's On - details of what is happening in the Kirklees area with regard to adult learning and job hunting
  • Staff News - informtation for practitioners in the adult learning sector

Links to these sections can be found on the left menu of each web page.

The home button appears at the top of the left menu of each web page.

Links to About Us, Contact Us, Site Map, Terms & Conditions and Help (this page) are located at the top right of each web page.

Font Resizing

The size of the font within the content block can be increased or decreased by clicking on the 3 'As' located at the top left of each web page. 1st A: smaller font size, 2nd A: normal font size, 3rd A: larger font size.

Access Keys

You can also link to the main pages by using Access Keys (these are the number and letter keys on your keyboard).

Internet Explorer Users

To get to the page you want, hold down the 'Alt' key and press the appropriate number or letter 'Key' (listed below) then release and press the 'Return' key.

Firefox Users

To get to the page you want, hold down the 'Shift' key and 'Alt' key simultaneously and press the appropriate number or letter 'Key' (listed below).

Here is a list of the Access Keys used:

0 - Home
1 - Learning Search
2 - Why Learn?
3 - Support for Learning

* - Maths and English

/ - Learn English
4 - Learning Providers
5 - Where you can Learn
6 - Help Finding a Job
7 - Help & Advice
8 - Useful Links

9 - What's On
a - About Us
c - Terms & Conditions
e - Employment Support Providers
h - Help

m - Site Map

s - Staff News
u - Contact Us

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